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The Wanderer (working title)

A while back my buddy and I decided we were fed up of waiting for our game of choice to be made for us to play. So we decided to make it ourselves. He came up with this really great concept, threw the idea at me along with a quick prototype he made, and I was instantly sold.

This was a massive undertaking, one that we were probably a little optimistic about, but that didn't matter - we were going to do it anyway. This little video is a sample of what we put together. What you're seeing here is a fully dynamically generated world that you can travel around and discover wondrous things. It's our own little vertical slice for the world generation and visuals.

We're pretty proud of what we did here, especially considering it was just two of us. Now we just need someone to give us tons of dough to make this sucker. Common, you know you want to.

Wandy Gameplay 2